Saturday, November 3, 2012

Made in Heaven by Comfort and Seto

I recently received a free E-book to review called Made in Heaven by Ray Comfort and Jeffery Seto.  This is not a book that is meant to debate Creationism or Evolution, but is meant to be a proof that evolution is not an accurate theory.

Ray Comfort is the best-selling author of more than 70 books, including The Evidence Bible (2002 Gold Medallion Book Awards finalist) and The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions published by Master Books.
He is the president of Living Waters ministry, co-host of an award-winning television program (with actor Kirk Cameron) called Way of the Master, blogs daily to hundreds of atheists at “Atheist Central,” and has debated atheistic evolution on ABC’s Nightline, as well as the BBC. His Atheist Test booklet has sold more than one million copies. Previous titles of Ray’s have ranked number #1 in various sales categories on including: apologetics, spirituality, atheism, and Christianity.
He lives with his wife, Sue, in Southern California where they have three grown children.

The concept is simple.  If there is a CREATOR that had a purpose and created everything with detail and complexity then we should be able to see it.  And we do if we open our eyes.  Even Science see’s the details and is seeking to learn from them.
            This book takes us through our universe to do as King Solomon says “Consider the ant…”  What happens if we consider and watch creation?  Then we create and dream in bigger detail.  For example “Learning the secret of flight from a bird was a good deal like learning the secret of magic from a magician.”  This was a quote from Orville Wright when discussing where the concept and many of their designs for flight originated.  
            You will explore what Science sees when it looks at certain fish scales and how their design can help provide a stronger body armor then we have even known.  Or how Cat eyes helped us to save lives. 
            What does a Burr and Velcro have in common?  Or a Killer Whale and a submarine?  How about a wasp and paper-making? Termites and Air conditioning?

            You will find how so many of our technological advances came from scientist who took time to consider ‘the ant’; to ponder the world God has created.  Like George Washington Carver who advanced so many fields with his study of the Peanut and the Sweet Potato  these chapters will explore in simple two page formats areas of science that already have learned from the creatures.  
            Then in many of the chapters you will dig into how nature has built a better structure then we can EVER duplicate.  The structure of the human leg bone, it’s strength, density and ability to heal is beyond our duplication.  The mosquito and it’s painless needles that science has yet to fully replicate.  What about Moth Eyes that are inspiring new looks at Solar Panels.

            This book is perfect for home school, for 5th graders up to 12th.  As well, the design, the simple chapters and the details that are shared make it a great book for all who are curious at evaluating the world around them.

            Thanks to Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for this free copy to review.  I can not wait to purchase the book in order to share with my children and family

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