Saturday, November 3, 2012

Book of Life Recovery by Arterburn and Stoop

            Many of us know friends and family who have had to go to recovery for different things.  Some for Alcohol  others for eating disorders, etc.  Best selling authors Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop have joined together to write a book that uses stories, examples and Biblical Wisdom to help guide anyone through the Twelve Step process of Recovery.
            Here is what the publisher had to say about this title:
Do you struggle with addictions or dependencies, or do you want to help someone who does? From the authors of the popular Life Recovery series that has guided millions of readers back to health and wholeness, now comes the ultimate recovery book--written from a Christian perspective. As authors and counselors, Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop walk readers through the Twelve Steps of recovery. They share real-life personal stories from survivors as well as Biblical stories and verses to support readers in their journey. Whether using the book alone, or as a companion to the popular Life Recovery Bible, this is an essential resource for anyone wanting to walk closer with God through recovery, as well as for their counselors, pastors, and loved ones.

            This is a well written book that will help anyone through Recovery as it points them to the true BIBILCAL source of their strength.  
            If you are a pastor, a teacher, a consoler, a parent, a friend, a human… then you should purchase this book.  It may just provide the resources you need at just the God ordained time to help a friend or family member who is in need.

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