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The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham

            “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”  10 simple words yet there is a vast amount of meaning situated on them.  They are the pure foundation for our faith. 
            Let’s think about foundations for a moment:
1. The act of founding, especially the establishment of an institution with provisions for future maintenance.
2. The basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported.
[Middle English fundacioun, from Latin fundti, fundtin-, from fundtus, past participle of fundre, to lay the groundwork for;]

            Psalm 11:3 says “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”
            So when you think of the word foundation what comes to mind?  For me I think of a building.  If the foundation is cracked the building is ruined.  I think of Jesus saying that he was the Cornerstone, a reference to a foundation.  What else comes to your mind?
            We find a lot of significance in the Bible especially as it relates to the Jewish authors.  The place a lot of importance of numbers, order etc.  In fact multiple times we see these things such as the naming of God the I AM.  Or Jesus saying he is the Alph and the Omega.  We see things such as the reason why there were two tablets for the 10 Commandments, and the list can go on.  Check out resources from Ray Vander Laan or his website
            So should we not find significant importance with the books of our Bible?  Why is Genesis first and Revelations last?  Are they not descriptions of the beginning and the end?  All doctrines of the Faith are reliant and based on our belief of what Genesis has to say.

            So here it comes… here comes the controversy.  Generally I have stayed clear of such topics.  Yet I have read a book that really cleared up my thinking.  You see I was raised in a Christian home that believed in a Literal 7 day Genesis Creation.  I never thought otherwise.  Until I went to College.  A Christian college by the way and was told by my professor that I was an ignorant fool to believe what I did.  When he commented that it took more faith then he was ready to warrant to believe that it only took God 6 days, I said “It takes more faith then I am ready to warrant as well.  Why not just 6 seconds?”….  Yet I listened.  I heard things such as the Gap theory that many ‘Christians’ hold to and then Theistic Evolution, or that God started the evolutionary process in place.
            Yet in all cases they throw out Genesis. 

            So When I was recently given an ebook to review entitled “The LIE: Evolution (25th year anniversary)” by Ken Ham, I was very interested at what it had to say.  First off let me say I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is looking for more information on the topic of Christianity and Evolution.
this book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.

            Everyday as a Parent I ‘instruct’ my kids.  But why should they listen to me?  It is because I have a God given authority as their parent to instruct them.  But who is God?  God is the creator…. Or wait…  If all my kids know is that I came from Monkeys by chance then where does my authority come from?  Where does Law come from?  Where do absolutes come from?
            If you follow the logic you understand a simple perspective of Genesis’ importance.  Some Christians will say “But I believe God is the Creator!”  So you believe that Genesis 1:1 is literal, why not chapters 1 to 11?
“Oh but Science has since proven that the earth is millions of years old.” Really? How have they proven it?  “The average person (Including most students) is not taught that scientists have only the present and cannot deal directly with the past.  Evolution is a belief system about the past based on the words of men who were not there, but who are trying to explain how all the evidence of the present (that is, fossils, animals, and plants, etc) originated. 
Websters dictionary defines religion as follows: “Cause, Principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” Surely, this is an apt description of evolution.  Evolution is a belief system – a religion!” (location 331)
You see Science is the observation of the Current, out of which we make ASSUMPTIONS to the past based on their bias.  “It is not a matter of whether one is biased or not.  It is really a question of which bias is the best bias with which to be biased.” (Lie:Evolution location 251) Science can not be definitive on the past.  So when a recent study gave the same bones, found in the same layers of the earth to multiple scientists and were given back 3 very wide ranging dates to the ages we begin to understand.  We make assumptions based on our beliefs.  So if we as Christians begin with the foundation that God Created, and that Genesis is a clear description of how and how long it took, would we not have our own assumptions?  YES!  But they are based on record.   “No human being, no scientist, has all the evidence.  That is why scientific theories change continuously.  As scientists continue to learn new things, they change their conclusions.” (location 365)
What came first? Science or God?  Did God create Science?  Okay, so why is Science trying to eliminate God?  “As Christians, our job is to bring the Word of God to people in a clear and gracious way, and pray that the Spirit might use our words to open hearts and minds to Christ.” (location 274) 
            So is the Bible the inerrant word of God? It claims to be?  Jesus was he really God’s son?  So can God lie? “We are in no doubt that what God has revealed in his Word is truthful and accurate.  He is not a man that He should lie (Num. 23:19) about anything.”  So when Jesus says we must believe the writings of Moses in John 5:47 was he mistaken? 
Here is a final thought from the book:
“I recall a seminar where a young man stated “I can’t believe in creation.  I belive in the big band.  We are just products of chance and random processes.  There is no God.  What do you say to that?”
I replied, “Well, if you are a product of chance, your brain is also a product of chance.  Therefore, the thought patterns that determine your logic are also products of chance.  If your logic is the result of chance processes, you can’t be sure it evolved properly.  You can’t be sure your even asking the right questions because you can’t trust your own logic.”….
If we take the Book of Genesis, which claims to be the account of our origins and history, we can see what it says concerning how the world was created and what subsequently happened.  We can decide what we would expect to find if the Bible is true (this is our scientific model relating to creation).  The we can look at the world to see if the evidence is there (That is, investigating the present – all the evidence we have – to see if it fits with our model).
For example, we are told that God created living things in distinct kinds, or groups.  We can postulate, therefore, that animals and plants should be found in kinds – the one kind cannot change into another.  In fact, this is exactly what we do find (In living as well as fossil organisms.) 
Genesis tells us that because of wickedness God judged the world with a worldwide flood.  If this is true, what sort of evidence would we find?  We could expect that we would find billions of dead things (fossils) buried in rock layers, laid down by water and catastrophic processes over most of the earth.  This is exactly what we observe.”

Why is this so important?  You see it effects the way we live.  If someone were to ask me if it is okay to live with a person before marriage, I would answer clearly no.  Am I being intolerant of them?  No.  But my belief is firmly based on God ordaining in Genesis that Marriage is between one man and one women.  Jesus confirms this in his teachings as well, directly relating it back to Genesis.  Is abortion wrong?  If I believe the Bible, the sanctity of life, that Murder is wrong (Found as a 10 commandment in Genesis) then my answer is YES!  Do I hate those who live together, or have had an abortion?  Absolutely not.  Again if we throw out our basis for truth, who is to say why we can’t all walk around nude?  Why is pornography, child molestation etc.. wrong?  Who are you to impose your beliefs on me?  Well, you know what.. these are not my beliefs.  They are God’s. 
‘To believe in evolution is to deny a universal paradise before Adam, because evolution necessarily implies that before Adam there was struggle, cruelty, and brutality, animals eating animals, and death.  Is the world going to be restored to that?  If you believe in evolution, you must deny a universal paradise before Adam (because you believe that there was death and struggle millions of years before Adam), and also at the end of time (because the Bible teaches the world will be restored to what it used to be).  Thus, evolution not only strikes at the heart of the foundation, but at the hope of Christianity as well.

I hope that you will think, pray and consider the truth of the scriptures.  Let GOD speak to you through his Holy Spirit.  Do not take the words of Man, of Scientists, pastors or even mine a blogger, without backing up what we say with what GOD says.  Ultimately only what GOD has said is important.
      So what Bias’ do you have towards scripture?  Are they put there to keep you safe?  To keep you from feeling convicted?  If we throw out one part we may as well throw out the entire Bible.
      If you are interested in learning more please pick up “The Lie: Evolution” by Ken Ham and visit his website Answers in Genesis.  Keep the dialogue open.  
Check out the below video as well

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iya santos said...

Thank you for this entry. I have read The Lie and it made me feel guilty (and foolish) that I doubted the Bible with regard to creation but believed the rest of the accounts

God bless! :)