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Genius of Ancient Man by Don Landis

When we think about scripture and we begin in the beginning as my previous post discussed we are brought to another issue:  Genesis 1: 27 “So God created man in His own image…”  Proponents of beliefs outside scripture would have you believe 2 things; First we were created from chemical reactions or goop; and second that we evolved getting smarted each evolution.

So think about the above verse.  You are created in the image of God.  Is God a mindless, chemical pile of goop?  Or is he a un-evolved, mindless organism who has to get smarter over time?  Regardless of your view on Genesis being literal or symbolic, these verses still mean the same.  WE, man kind, are created in the IMAGE, the likeness, of God!  

The book that I recently received called “The Genius of Ancient Man” by Don Landis was sent to me by the publisher.  This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.  It deals with study op this topic.  What proof do we have or find about ancient man?  Where they mindless searching for thousands of years before figuring out FIRE?  Or were they created, perfect and intelligent beings who worshiped and created sacrifices to God?

This book points out 3 key Presuppositional Apologetics or Starting Points.
1)      Authorship and Authority of the Bible
2)     Man created intelligently in God’s image
3)     Babel as the origin of similarities, counterfeits.

Authorship and Authority of the Bible:

One of the eye openers for me was a chart used for the first point.  In Scripture, which I believe to be the WORD of God; not just because of Faith but because the Bible claims to be as well as Jesus verifies it as well.  So we see the following progression in Scripture:
God Exists > He Creates > Adam & Eve > They Rebel > God Judges via the flood > Babel happens (One world order, one government against God > He Disperses > One world will happen again bringing about God’s future and final judgment.

Man Created intelligently in God’s image

Think about this…  Scripture claims Man was made in the image of God.  Adam was smart enough to name all the animals (gen. 2:20).  Both he and Eve were intelligent enough to hold a conversation (Gen. 3:9-12).  They were smart enough to know the consequences of right and wrong choice (Gen. 2:6-17).  From the start they were able to hold occupations such as farming, music etc.. (Gen. 4:2)

So how do we know that this was all captured TRULY in scripture?  Wouldn’t Noah’s flood have wiped away the records or story tellers?  Look at the Genealogies.  Adam would have been around 700 years old by the time Methuselah was born (Adam died at 930).  Methuselah was just under 400 when Noah was born.  And Abraham would have only been born possibly a decade after Noah died.  So could the stories have been passed down accurately, YOU BET!

Babel as the Origin of Similarities, Counterfeits

“People from all lines of study in the secular field marvel at the commonality and similarities of Ancient Civilizations worldwide.”  But how can that be if we all evolved and based on Darwin’s theories some races are less evolved then others?  Satan used Nimrod to create a group of people who didn’t want to ‘disperse and fill the earth’ as God had commanded.  They then tried to build a single religion based on making their OWN names great, making them gods in their own rights.  While God’s commands were to have a relationship with Him, not a religion and that HE be honored above all… 

This book then discusses some of the Counterfeits that Satan uses.  You see, and Scripture tells that Satan is a created being.  Being such he can in no way create anything new.  So he spends his time working to distort the things of God.  Think about Scriptures use of Mountains as a holy place, and false religions use of them as well.  Think about the stars, Astrology and horoscopes.  God created the stars and placed them in order to tell of coming seasons not to portray ominous futures and false hopes.  Even to the details of facing east as the Priests were commanded to do with sprinkling on the East of the alter and many other references in scripture to the east; yet this was perverted by other false religions as well…
There are many more that this book describes and in better detail.

The concept that man was smart from the beginning was always something I believed; yet I find that I didn’t.  What I believed was those we followed in the Bible were smart.  But the pagan societies that were around them were not smart.  Yet we see so often that the ancient builders were more intelligent then we were today.  Another item that is discussed in this book is the so called ages, Bronze Age, Iron age etc.  Scripture clearly states that man was adapt in both from the beginning.  This can be proven time and again with archeological finds of items in the same layers that shouldn’t be by evolutionary structures.

I would highly recommend that any Christian who wants to ensure they understand how our present age is being perverted by Satan; as well as to have a clear understanding of scripture please read this short 112 page book.  It is very concise and has a lot of research, time and facts to explain the view presented.  I’ll admit, I am a lover of history and archeology and have read a lot but this book blew my mind connecting proofs to show how intelligent and even superior to present day ancient man was!  

check out this video on the book:

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