Friday, October 19, 2012

Would you... read me to sleep?

I recently received the book “Would you… Read me to Sleep?” written by George E. Edenfield and Illustrated by Alyson A. Harris.

First off let me say that I received this book free from the publisher, Golden Garden Books and the group Book Crash.  In no way am I forced to give a STELLAR review, just a fair one.

When you first take a look at the cover there are two words that can come to mind… at least they did to me.  Either this is old fashion, or it is a keepsake.  I didn't realize how right I really was on the latter. 

The story is of a dad, and his daughter.  It portrays the beautiful love that this father has for his daughter and the care he has for her.  Then at night the daughter will ask him to read to her.  

Of course as all kids do, this girl grows up and no longer wants her daddy’s stories.  We also then see as a new day has come when the daughter is reading stories to her father before he passes away.  And then because of his love for God and sharing these stories they both are together in heaven.

As a child I had a book that reminds me of this.  It is called “I’ll Love you for Ever”…  My mother would recite those lines to me over and over “I’ll love you for ever, I’ll like you for always.  As long as your living my baby you’ll be.”…. 

This book is in the same vane but the story is better fleshed out.

To top it off the Illustrations are masterful.  These are not children’s paintings or basic, quick Illustrations;  these are paintings that the Artist toiled over for weeks even months to get right.  They are original oil paintings that due to the canvas look that comes through in the picture, adds a soft and memorable edge.

I can’t wait to read this with my girls.

Thanks again to Golden Garden and the author for a very high class title. 
Oh and be sure to look for the Golden Keys... can you find them hidden in the photos!!

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GREAT book!