Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day nine and ten of the journey

So quick couple of notes here.
Saturday the 8th was spent flying. We left for the airport at 1 for a flight that got delayed multiple times. Fun trying to figure that all out when it was in Chinese.

Arrived in Fuzhou, Fujian province. Late and found out our hotel had been changed. We were moved to the Westin which was the brand new hotel in town!! It was beautiful!!

Then after a great sleep we awoke to Sunday morning our 12th anniversary.
Breakfast was amazing. Plus there is a mall near our hotel. It is huge. One section is 6 stories, another 3 and yet another 2.

Thanks to Itunes we worshiped with the Garage and listened to last Sunday's sermon since this Sunday's hadn't happened yet!!

Finally after what seemed like forever we met at 3:30 to get Keegan!!!

Had a great night with him. It is funny though as we expected him to be further developed then Ella yet it is reversed. He has a bit of a turned foot that slows him down. As well due to the collective care he is a bit delayed.
But God will provide and take care of him.

Ao now on to the paperwork day to make him officially ours!!

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