Monday, September 10, 2012

Day Eleven of the Journey

So today was day 11! What a day.
So Ella and Keegan do very well together, but walking through a mall with two kids is fun! When you decide to turn and they are 10 feet ahead how do you get there attention. Man we need a leash!

We spent the morning signing all forms for adopting Keegan. So just waiting on our copies which make it official.

Pray for us as Keegan will be more of a challenge. His verbal skills are none, he makes noises but doesn't even attempt words. Plus he is less tuned motor skills and walls with one foot turned out. Also there may be some learning disabilities there as well that we didn't know about either.
Yet in all things God will prevail.

Pray also for our patience as Ella has decided to push our buttons today. She throws fits to get her way with everything. So makes it really fun when stuck in a hotel room with the two of them. Plus I have never gone this much time without really doing anything.

Thanks for all the prayers


bill said...

Hang in there. It may seem like a rough road, but God will prevail.

bill said...

Hang in there. God will prevail. Enjoy your "Free" time, Then you GET to go back to work.


bill said...

Enjoy your family time. then you "GET" to go to work. Bill