Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day Twelve of the Journey

So yesterday was suppose to be a free day. Yet faced with a full day of four people in a hotel room we got our guide and driver to take us out.

We went to a local treasure; an old village and row of shops called Three lanes and Seven Alleys.

Then we found a row of markets bear the hotel we walked through. They had beautiful trees and plants plus the largest amount of fish, turtles etc. i have ever seen.

At one point a small puppy came up and Ella really didn't care but we have found Keegan to be afraid of all animals even if it is carved of wood.
So that will be fun to teach him not to be.
Yesterday was also Skylar's Sixth Bday. So hated to miss that but she enjoyed it regardless and was a gret trouper.

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