Friday, September 7, 2012

Day Eight of our Journey

It is so hard to believe that we have been here 8 days. What an adventure.

So today we went to two different places today. First we went to a museum of Guizhou history. So interesting to see a history that can go back to 2000 bc. Just amazing.

Next we went to the most popular landmark in town Jiaxiu tower. Such a rich heritage.
When we made it to Jiaxiu I tried to put Ella down to walk. She looked over at something and pointed with a look of recognition and clung to me in desperation. It breaks my heart. Why? Was she abandoned in a place like this?

Then supper we went to KFC where we found a play place. Yes found. You see KFC is on the second story and there is more seating way in the back of a long building. Tucked away is a small little slide and climbing platform. Ella acted As though she had never gone down a slide before. Another sad moment yet so thrilled to help her experience this!

Tonight we got all the notary items. In China the notary is like the Supreme Court. These are the official documents of Birth, Abandonment, and adoption.

So tomorrow we fly to Fujian to start a new week in this adventure. God be with us!!

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