Friday, August 17, 2012

Heaven Changes Everything by Todd and Sonja Burpo

I recently received a sample preview of the soon to be released Heaven Changes Everything book.
This book is a devotional based off passages from the best selling, and in some circles controversial book, Heaven is for Real.

The sample I received was for the first 20 copies.
Each read starts with a short passage of a paragraph or two from the book Heaven is for Real, and then is followed up by short, 2-4 page bit of deeper digging on the topics that were raised.

Each chapter then finishes with a introspective line and in some cases even an action such as listen to a specific song lyrics etc...

Here is what the publisher said of the book:

Live every day with the hope of heaven 

A shattered leg, kidney stones, and a lump diagnosed as hyperplasia. Times were tough, money was scarce, and the bills and frustrations were piling up. It was into this kind of stressed out life that God sent Todd and Sonja Burpo the interruption of a life-threatening illness and emergency surgery for their almost four-year old son Colton. An interruption that included his unforgettable journey to heaven. 

How did they cope? And how can they help us keep thoughts of eternity in mind in the midst of our own overly busy, stressed out lives? 

In fifty unique inspirational readings based on excerpts from their story, Todd and Sonja share their family's responses and reactions to the "Heaven Is for Real "experience. They answer questions about what it's like to struggle with and question God, to doubt, even get angry with Him. And offer new insights into what God might be doing with those interruptions he allows into our lives. Each reading closes with a scripture to provide biblical reinforcement of the ideas shared and a take-away thought or action point to help readers incorporate the reading's inspiration into daily life. 

Keep the hope of heaven alive in your life. Heaven truly "is "for real, and it changes everything

This sample was only partial of the entire book but from what I saw I would recommend it.
Very simplistic, yet very personal and in a great story form it hits you easily where you are.

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