Friday, August 17, 2012

Blown Away by a link

So occasionally I click on the 'Stats' button just to see if any particular blog has been being reviewed a lot, since I rarely get comments on this site.
This site is just one I use for reviews, I post on here, then Amazon, Link to Facebook, as well as when fitting to Family Christian.
Check out those links if you want to follow me on another venue as well as I don't always post to my blog my reviews on different products as they are not fitting or they are just too 'simple' of reviews to post on here.

I was shocked to see one blog on a book having been reviewed almost 100 times in this past week...
The review was on Lead with A Story by Paul Smith.

I found that one of the key reasons was that Paul Smith placed a link to my blog on his own sight for the book!

So thanks Paul for the encouragement not just from the book, but also from your own website posting.
As a business leader in retail I enjoyed your book as it was one I would add to a list of 'mentoring' books that I have read.  In others words, I walked away not just with another 5 steps to say the same old OZ Principle (Or 15 new steps to break it down more as some authors do...) but a unique and simple approach to engage my team, friends, small groups etc.. in a practical way that will encourage and ultimately change them!

For those of you who read this blog you know that my chief aim is to engage you in a way that will cause a reflection of your life, and hopefully a shift to help the orphan, the widow and encouragement to live this life together in Christ.  Not religion but relationship with Christ.

Curtis Cecil

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