Friday, August 17, 2012

Genesis Code dvd... is it really the beginning of a new thought?

Augustine in his City of God based a theology that light emanates from the Eyes and illuminates to create our vision.
This is how he based the view that we are greater then our surroundings etc...

Since that time we have learned that Science has proven that the eye only reflects the light creating vision.

Augustine's philosophy created an idea that even scripture, unless proven, was fallible...

So here is the question that I have... is God all powerful, all knowing, and is the scripture which claims to be the 'inerrant and inspired word of God' true?

If so why do we look at it through the lens of Science instead of Science through the lens of scripture?

This movie, the Genesis Code, was well acted, well scripted and played out.  For that I can not fault it.
My fault with it is more one of factual, credible and reliable truth.
Not even a debate of creation vs. evolution.  Big bang vs. God said it...
But this:
If Sin and death didn't enter the world until Adam and Eve sinned as scripture states, then how could this proposed theory be true.
How could entire species such as dinosaurs have lived and died before Adam and Eve... or even with that, how about the Missing links that would have died...

As a college student with a communications major I was excellent at Debate and impromptu speaking.
In fact on one occasion as a high school student, I was visiting the state house in Indiana taking part in a school event.
This event had students from all over being given a topic and 10 min's to discuss and come up with their point of view.
We were then GIVEN the topic and if we were for or apposed...
I was on a very difficult one as I had to argue for the removal of all Handicapped parking spaces on federal and public property.
Needless to say, I was chosen as the spokesperson and we won.

I say this to prove a point: Just because we can argue better then another doesn't always mean that we have the right truth. It could just mean we are more full of it then the other person....

Check this movie out for yourself and see how you think.
don't believe a positive post by some one time reviewer, or a negative post by a seasoned retailer and blogger...

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