Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dr. Seuss: The Cat Behind the Hat!

There once was a man named Dr. Seuss.
Of his talents there were many a use.
He made us laugh, and think
and every now in there through in the Zink.

The e-book I received, free of charge
was with out a since barge...
But with that said, it made me glad
to review this supple tale.

Okay... enough of that since I really am not Dr. Seuss..
I received the book "Dr. Seuss: The Cat behind the hat.

This is a look at the real Dr. Seuss, his career, this ups and downs.
But as well it has some great looks at his art.

I really think that if not for the imaginative works of art we may not know what a Cat is doing in a Hat, or how to hear a Who...

This book will be a collectors dream.  Priced at $300 it is being presold for around $190.
I love how the book starts with a quick blurb about the authors work not being a Chronological look but a chronological-ish look!  It wouldn't be a book on Dr. Seuss without a bit of made up words and a free spirits look at his life.

I could sit here and quote the millions of phrases that made these books, and stories stand out to me.  Yet what is the fun in that.
Check this book out and really consider purchasing it!
This is a work that you and your entire family will enjoy!

It is a beautiful book, binding and well worth the money.

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