Friday, August 3, 2012


Sitting in a crowded room
Caois fills my mind
It's not the noise that fills my heart with dread
Just the thoughts of people who do not care

Faces I see that are familiar to me
Say nothing of greeting, they want nothing but to blend in

In the din of it all I throw in my music
Plug into the stream
The consciousness of Crowder floods over my being.

Oh let it shine rings out so strong
It drowns out all noise all distractions and pain

I want to stand with the crescendo
To cry out in praise
Always and ever my God you are I AM

Always an truly you are deserve my praise
You are my rest when the world overwhelms.

I finally look up to find the face of a child staring back at mine
The look on her face not fearful or fake
The look on her face is truth and grace.

When did we stray from the truth of our youth
When did we decide to put on these disguises to mask our felt lack of worth

Take me back to my youth and let me shine out for you
May I seek out the lonely and the disdained.

My insides are screaming they want to be let out
To stand on this table and shout out your worth.

Yet still I sit quietly my words seeking for voice to the feelings inside

Awake my soul
Awake at last
Awake and sing
Awake and shout
Awake and cry out
Awake and sing out
Awake an shout out

Shout to you oh Lord
In triump and pain
I care only to praise you
And care not for this worlds disdain

To you my God I give all my praise
It's never enough
I never can cease
As long as I live may I ring out your praise

Yet I sit here still.
For I have become mute

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