Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazing Love

If you watch this blog (and Praise God it does appear that many people do) you know I review alot of books.  One thing I have not done is review too often movies.  I do get a large amount of movies yet I have not shared them on here unless they were really good (And I can be really picky...)

But I decided it was time to branch out!
So here is a look at a film that I watched this week in Michigan called Amazing Love

Amazing Love DVD 

Coming soon to DVD and Blu-ray! With Sean Astin, Erin Bethea, Savannah Jayde, Sammi Hanratty, Kenton Duty, Terrence Hardy Jr, Creagen Dow and Patty Duke!

This is a film about Sean Astin (LOTR, 50 first dates) who is a Youth Pastor taking a group of his teens on an adventure via a Camping Trip.

A new young gal comes on this trip who clashes with the rest of the small group and fights and arguments ensue.  During the event of this the Youth Leader and his wife (Erin Bethea from Fireproof) try to sort out the issues and finally they do as Sean Austin shares the story of Hosea.

All of the Hosea story scenes were filmed in Israel making this a very realistic film on God's Unconditional love.
There is a key moment where Hosea realizes the God loves us despite of us.   He finds Gomer for sale and purchases her back. This scene showed the truth of Gods undying love for us.

On a 5 scale, I would say this is a 3.  The acting is middle level on the modern side mainly due to the teenager actors who were decent but not always 'real to life', during the Hosea area scenes the acting was better.  The scene settings were PHENOMENAL for Hosea.

As far as Script/Storyline goes this is a great film with a very STRONG Christian message that will change lives when they find God's unconditional love for us.

So again a 3 out of 5 star rating.  Pick this up for your family to watch and you will not be disappointed with the very strong themes and story that is weaved throughout it.

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