Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adoption Reading

So if any of you are interested in adopting... be WARNED!! You will read alot! First you are required to read 5 books from a list on parenting, but once you start reading you either are intruiged like I was or you are scared. In both cases it causes you to read MORE!!! here is the list of books I have read so far on the Adoption: 1) The Whole Life Adoption Book by Schooler and Atwood
2) Raising Adopted Children by Melina
3) Parenting isn't for Cowards by Dobson
4) Adopting the Hurt Child by Keck and Kupecky
5) Adopting the Older Child by Jewett
6) Attaching in Adoption by Gray
7) How it feels to be Adopted by Kremenrtz
8) Different Children, Different Needs by Boyd
9) Adoption Parenting by MacLeod and Macrae, PHD
Am I now a certified expert? Absolutly not! Maybe a bit more prepared...but at least more knowledgeable about where to turn for help. IE.. We can't do it on our own and GOD will be my first stop!

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