Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kids titles on Adoption

so as many of you know we are adopting! If you are following this blog and haven't caught on yet: WE ARE ADOPTING!!! Very excited about it. But as with any change a new sibling brings, such as an infant, there is the anxioty that children feel. Add to that the fact that adopting may change the birth order of our children, we are trying to be cognitive of this and not have a new oldest or new youngest. We also are trying to keep the order of sexes the same, Girl, boy, girl, boy etc... just like the Dutch Blitz game for all you Menonites and none 'devil' card playing people out there... HAHA... We are trying to help out kids be prepared for this. We are continually asking them how they feel or think about a new child, helping them to understand what these children might need from mom and dad for a while etc... Another part of it is that we are giving them books to look at to understand the culture and the adopted child. One book was a Borders clearance book!
This is all about China's culture etc.. Then adoption specific we found 3 titles: 1) At home in this World by MacLeod this book helps to see adoption from the adopted childs eyes. Our oldest liked this book.
2) Is that your sister by Bunin This book helps them to prepare to answer people's questions about your new sibling!
3) A Sister For Matthew by Kennedy This is the story of a child who is processing the soon to be adopted child that is joining his family. Good for all ages.
So if ever concidering how your kids would do if you too were to adopt check out these titles!

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