Monday, July 4, 2011

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

As my daughter continues to get older and more mature, I keep trying to figure out ways to spend time with her. Wrestling, won't work. Arm Wrestle.. nope... Playing with Cars... no. Dolls.. too immature now for her. I AM OUT OF IDEAS!

So what do I do? I am a typical guy who can't even come up with ideas for my anniversary. Doesn't mean I don't love the women in my life, it just means I am CLUELESS!!!

I recently received the book Daddy Dates by Greg Wright from Thomas Nelson to read for free and blog about. This book had numerous GREAT ideas written by a GUY!!!

It wasn't a lady trying to tell us clueless dad's how to treat our daughters and make things special, it was written from one CLUELESS dad to another!

I would highly recommend you check this book out if you have a daughter of ANY age. This book even has comments for the divorced dad on how to continue to be apart of their lives as your daughters need!

Check it out! You won't regret this! AND NEITHER WILL YOUR DAUGHTER!

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