Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming Back Stronger with Drew Brees

I have to admit, I am a guy who does not watch football until the Supper Bowl. So to me a book by a football start was not something I looked forward to reading. I was not a Saints fan. Yet now I have to say, I am a Drew Brees fan.

This book was sent to me free from Tyndale to review. The story of adversity and overcoming this adversity shows a strong leadership quality in Drew’s life.

As with anything you can read this book as a skeptic of another start saying they are ‘Christians’. Is he serious? Is he for real? Is his walk deep, or strong? Does he believe as I would believe?

Well, the book does not go into detail of his doctrinal foundation but his quotes about relying on God for strength are commendable. Drew portrays a humble spirit that shows that he knew he didn’t do it but God who worked through him.

So If you are a Fan of Sports or just want to hear about the tragedy of life and overcoming through Christ then this is your book!


Deb said...

How did you get on the list to review books for Tyndall? This looks like a great book!

Deb said...

How did you get on the list to review books for Tyndale? This looks like a great book - can't wait to read it!

I'd rather be caving! said...

3 places you can go:
for Tyndale

for Thomas Nelson

For Waterbrook