Monday, July 4, 2011

What Happened to my Little Girl by Nancy Rue

I'm a guy... yes I know it... but I don't always have to ACT like it.
I recently received the book "What Happened to my Little Girl" by Nancy Rue and Jim Rue. And it came at a great time.

I keep thinking I have years to go with the kids... years to watch them grow up.
Yet the other day I woke up and found my oldest daughter is in 3rd grade.
Then in the mail I get this book free from Zondervan to read.

There is a Disney film called "Old Dogs" where Robin Williams learns he has twins who are 7 he never knew about. Through this movie he tries to be a `dad' to them and has no clue. He blunders through it, and stumbles through it.. making a mockery of it all.
But in the end he learns that sometimes it is more simple then we make it out to be.

This book has many topics and helpful hints for Dad's dealing with their TWEEN age daughters. I do have to say I was shocked when I saw that TWEEN is considered to start at 8! Oh BOY!!!

Some of the topics are:
Can Somebody Tell Me What's Going on?
What happened to my Little Girl?
She'll Be Crying in a Minute
We Need another Bathroom
Who Is She Today?
Dealing with Girl Drama
I Liked It better When Boys Had Cooties

So dad's... you can either go out and by 3 things:
2) Straight Jacket
And 3) Shotgun

Or you can purchase ONE thing, THIS BOOK to learn how to love, cherish and protect your TWEEN daughter!
Check it out for all you CLUELESS dad's like me!

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