Saturday, November 6, 2010

Father Damien and Robert Lewis Stevenson

We wonder sometimes where we messed up.
As people, as Christians, or even as the church.

You know Gandi tried to go to church and was told he was not allowed in.
Even recently my pastors sister walked into a church for the first time and was told that they couldn't bring in a baby. SO THEY LEFT!

On my previous post I mentioned Molokai: The Story of Father Damien DVD.

I found a book, yes a BOOK, 69 pages written by Robert Lewis Stevenson who was astonished at the VISCIOUS LIES that the very bishops that Father Damien was under said about him. This man who lived and died for helping the leper.

Stevenson saw the lies in them. He saw the hypocricy. He might have come to church. He could have been a prolific writer for Christians.

Could this have been the moment?

Now all of us are responsible for our own choices and Stevenson had to make his choices to believe or not. Yet, many times we as Christians push people that way.

We are known for what we hate, not what we love.

What are you known for?

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