Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jungle Warfare

Recently I and a friend were discussing random topics when I stated how much I enjoyed going into used bookstores; looking at these ancient volumes and wondering who held you… what have you seen if you could talk.

He then with a passion I hadn’t seen, told me about his collection. Being a Air Force and veteran of Iraq, he collected Service Manual’s from previous wars. He explained to me the feeling of finding an old WWII service manual from the Marines; Expressed the sensations of holding it and delicately turning the pages one by one.

I was reminded of that sentiment when I received Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales by Christopher A. Cunningham. I received this from Thomas Nelson for free to read and blog about.

Here is a basic book description:

Jungle Warfare provides a field manual for the Christian in sales: a guide for certain victory in uncertain times.

Could a WWII Basic Field Manual on Jungle Warfare have any words of wisdom for sales and business professionals today? Yes – and it may even provide more. Christopher A. Cunningham has taken a prized family gift: his grandfather’s Jungle Warfare manual, and adapted its rules of engagement to fit the basic needs of the Christian sales person who is on the front lines of business every day.

The parallels are obvious: Stay fit. Keep your wits about you. Know your enemy. Serve your leader well. In today’s unsure business climate, those who find a way to keep their faith intact while pushing through the difficulties of market downturns are the ones who will be rewarded. This book is about fighting the good fight and finding inspiration even while crawling through enemy territory

When I opened the package this aged looking book fell out. As I turned the pages in rapt attention to what was written I felt like I was holding a special piece, a long lost book held by many before me.

This book reads as a war scarred veteran of Sales is telling me personally how to live as a top notch seller AND a Christian at the same time.

Chapter after chapter felt as though it was written just for me by a grandfather or predecessor. I was enthralled in every note and every page.

At the end of each chapter are places for you to write thoughts, notes, answer questions and make this a very interactive study.

This book is a book that any one who is a Christian and in sales must read. You need to read it, Gift it, recommend it… and so on… It is just that good.

Although the similarity is made between the Service men and women, the author is quick to note that the FRONT LINE that we in sales are on is no where near as dangerous as the one they serve on. This book treats them with the respect that is due.

It is not often I say a book is 5 out of 5 stars, but for me personally (as it would be for anyone in sales) this is a 5 STAR Book!!

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