Sunday, October 31, 2010

@Sticky Jesus

@ Sticky Jesus: How to Live out your faith online by Tami Helm and Toni Birdsong

I was recently given a early release to review of a new title call “@stickyjesus..”
The concept is simple, there are millions of people on-line daily via Facebook, twitter, youtube, Myspace and the like. How do we live like Jesus and utilize these resources to witness to them and show God’s Love!

The chapter titles are very simple and start by sharing the main POWER SOURCE of Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit. When we ‘plug in’ to the true power source we are energized for the new day.

Then the final chapters show us how we can use our sources via the internet for showing God’s love. Twitter, Bogging and Facebook.

Finally a new book that fits in the times. We are not talking about a book on how to use email, or things that have been around for a decade. This book is talking about how to use the tools that every 8-28 year old is using in order to communicate with the world.
To this generation, the truth is on the net. So how do you connect and share with them via the systems and sites that they are viewing!

I give this book a strong support as the concept is not new but the media is. Preaching the gospel to all who will hear and using the current generations tools!

That is the key to a vibrant ‘CHURCH’ of Christ.

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