Sunday, October 31, 2010

The History of Halloween Revisited | The Mars Hill Blog

I came across this blog on Halloween. As one who was never allowed to dress up and participate I am not one to allow my kids. Yet now out of a Fear of the holiday but a disgust of the "begging" for candy that it becomes... "Sam had the MOST amount of candy" was one comment already heard this week from my kids.
Yet, the ideas here that portray and back up the holiday's NON-Evil roots and also the traditions or items which can be seen as evil was a great and very informative read.
The author doesn't tell you how to believe but shares both views carefully!

I also read one that made me think of it in this way: We as Christians should be the ones who greet our neighbors and hand out the candy so as to not miss an oppurtunity to 1) Get to know them and 2) To witness to the families and kids of those who come!

Let me know how you grew up and or are raising your kids inregards to this holiday.

The History of Halloween Revisited | The Mars Hill Blog

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