Saturday, July 17, 2010

Storm Warning by Rev. Billy Graham

I recently received a copy of Storm Warning by Billy Graham free from Thomas Nelson to review. By recently, I mean about 3 months ago...

The book was originally written by Rev. Graham in 1992 and was just updated in 2010. Can you imagine being able to see your thoughts on the end being fulfilled? Sort of like a prophet of old saying there would be a famine and then actually seeing it... That must be what this book has been like for this God honoring man.

Rev. Graham wrote this to shed light on Revelations and the end times that would come upon us one day. Not to try to say it was here, or would be here tomorrow, but to just help us prepare as in a storm warning. With the most recent update he is again seeing more signs and more warnings and trying to bring these to the readers attention.

So often we as Christians think that Revelations is too scary, or hard to understand and so we ignore it. But Rev. Graham sheds lite to all of this and then ends with the best chapter of all "THE SAVIOR REIGNS"... Because in it all, his book is designed to help you see the VICTORY in it for those who call on Christ.

I have always dreamed of going to a revival service of Rev. Graham's. Of Meeting him. That will possibly never happen but I can learn to know him and his heart through these books. He has a great and humble heart that can be felt through ever word he writes.

You will love this book, you will love this man, and ultimately you will learn to love JESUS more.

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