Saturday, July 17, 2010

Army of Ordinary People

I had sat down a while back to write the blog about a book I received for free from Tyndale. It is "An Army of Ordinary People." by Felicity Dale.

I had a great review all set and the photo in and my computer froze... for some reason I never finished. Then today....

I am in the process of writing a devotional/Journey/Experience for participants of a missions company. The devotionals will be 6 weeks before they leave, then the 5 to 7 days during and then some thoughts for after they return home. My challenge is to take people from all walks of life, all walks with Christ, and all different backgrounds etc.. and help them have the same frame of mind on their adventure/Experience. Then to help them reflect inwardly on the experience, help cause that reflection to create change which will then be powered into ACTION. Part of what I am doing to cause the action is to tell stories of those who have been on trips and how their lives have changed. Some start companies to help meet the needs where they were serving, others get involved in starting local organizations. And then when digging through my bookshelves (yes shelves... I have 4 with enough books on them for 8) I came across this book again.

The stories as outlined in the book are ordinary people who had Experiences that were out of the ordinary. They went through the reflection to Change. But ultimately they moved to ACTION.. They all did something about it. From Produce Managers who plant Churches to Students who Brought God's Kingdom to their campus. These stories are of real people, real lives who acted out of a real passion for a REAL GOD!!

If you ever feel like God has some plan for you or something he wants you to do... check this book out and I know you will be empowered and impassioned.

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Felicity Dale said...

Many thanks for a great review of my book, "An Army of Ordinary People." You have captured why I wrote the book--so that ordinary people could read the stories and say, "I could do that!"