Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Portable Patriot

I recently received “The portable Patriot” edited by Joel J. Miller and Kristen Parrish. You may recall an earlier post on “The Revolutionary: Paul Revere” by Joel J. Miller.
I received this as a free copy to review by Thomas Nelson.

This is a new book of old material. Let me explain. The book is a compilation of Important documents, speeches, sermons etc.. that the editors felt “compose the American Soul.”

I really enjoyed this book as a History buff since the letters were all arranged in order by time frame. The first grouping is Beginnings, the Pre-Revolution, then Revolution, Founding and then finally Republic. In each section are items such as the Declaration of Independence or the George Washington’s letter to the Governors when he announced his resignation.

All of these documents brought to life for me the true PASSION that was stirring in these leaders at that time. The desire to uphold this great nation. The desire to triumph over their oppressors. The gratitude to their Sovereign Lord who upheld them. These works bring to life the humanity and ‘realness’ of these our founding fathers.

This is a great book that every Home-schooler, teacher, parent, and student of History should have on hand. Go out an pick up your own copy at your local Family Christian Stores or any other Christian Bookstore.

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