Saturday, January 23, 2010

De-Railed by Tim Irwin

You know there are numerous books out there about people who succeeded in Business and leadership and how they did it.
Well this isn't one of them.
This book chronicles the lives of some top leaders on the right track who were de-railed and thus lost their sought after jobs.
Each of these 5 lives that are written about here put their own ego's and opinions in the way of their better judgement.

This book was given to me by Nelson to review for this blog.

Personally in reading this I thought it was a great book in the hindsight that can be seen and the learnings that you can make from others mistakes...
Too often in today's society we have a view that we must be allowed to make our own mistakes and do not stop me. Yet truth be told we can learn so well from history.
Scripture is one element of that. We learn from the lives, sucess and mistakes of those who came before us!

If you are in business or leadership this is a good book to learn from.

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