Saturday, March 28, 2009

Near Misses and other happenstance

So I know I haven't been in here lately..
So to sum it all up: We're moving...
Life has been a whirlwind of activity.
I am now flying out on Monday's and back on Friday from the DC area where I am now the District manager. Mandy is dealing with the sell of the house, the inspectors etc... So it is all FUN!!!

Anyways, on to the near misses.
This is one of those things that you read about in the paper and never think will happen to you.
So on the plane on the flight back Friday to land at the wonderful Des Moines International Airport with Northwest, we are about ready for our wheels to touch the ground when the pilot smoothly FLOORS it and pulls up. We quickly accelerate and fly up much faster than normal, not jarringly so. In fact we all just thought that due to some cross wind he had been fighting he had over shoot a safe landing spot and needed to try again.
So about 45 sec's later he comes on and states "Sorry about that landing but... there was another plane on the runway beginning their Take off sequence."
So we had to go around and come back...

ANOTHER PLANE ON THE RUNWAY!!! I hope someone was fired for that...
But I mean come on... This is DES MOINES!!! How hard could a FAA job be here.
We have 2 runways with about 30 at max flights a day!

Someone needs to take a Multi-tasking 101 course.
So that was my adventure for this week!

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