Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life in a blur...

Lately Life has been lived in a blurr for our family.
As you may know from reading this blog I have acepted a new assignment with my company to be the District Manager over the Washington DC and surrounding market.
So since that decision we have begun to wonder what we got ourselves into.
Our house went up on the market on Thursday and sold on Sunday.
Yet all the inspections we are required to do before the house can sell officially have yet to be completed.
So we are working on fixing the items required which is looking to be a good $2 to $3,000... not what we were expecting.
Then on top of that Mandy's Baby Dr. wants up front payment of our part of the delivery bill. $700.
So poor Mandy has been dealing with the woodworker, the plumber, the inspectors etc..
Plus to top it all off with the fact that we sold the house through the Relo company it was put on the market for a base price which was less than the value of the house. So we will, after all the repairs be lucky to come out even.
Yet in this all everytime something happens to make us begin to question our judgement something amazing will happen.
Did I mention that the couple who wish to buy our house do not want to move in until June 1st. This is after the baby is born and gives us plenty of time.
As well, when Mandy was telling me on the phone about the costs etc... I was getting really upset as I had already had a tough day the day before and a rough morning. Just at that split second I looked over and saw a billboard.
You won't guess what is said.... "Trust in Jesus".
Can't even begin to imagine that this is coincidence.

So that is what we are trying to remind ourselves right now... TRUST IN JESUS!

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