Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Dip

I heard a sermon this week on 'The Dip.' And no that is not a 'Christianized' version of Steve Martin's the 'Jerk'.
The Dip is the times were we Dip in our relationship with Christ.
There are many reasons that we suffer a dip, 1) We sin 2) We don't listen to God and other other acts of disobedience.

But the one that was talked about by Seven Furdick of Elevation Church was a Dip even WHEN we are following God's direction.

He looked at the passage on Elijah. Elijah called a Drought on the land because God told him to. Then he went to the brook where God told him to go, but the brook went dry. Why did it go dry? Because Elijah called a drought on the land. Why did he do that? Because he was obeying GOD!

Yet God took care of him when he trusted. Sometimes we go through a dip because God is preparing us for a change.

The keys that were discussed were that you need to 1) Remember the past times God has saved you or blessed you. 2) respond to His will when he tells you what to do

Right now I feel in one of those dips. Last week I received a call from the Senior VP of Operations in the company I work for. (So this is my boss' boss). well actually let me step back further to the first of Feb.

As a company we took some steps to keep us viable. Praise God we have not felt the crunch that other retailers have due to wisdom and planning on our Leadership teams end. We decided we needed to eliminate 11 positions inside of our company. Now that doesn't seem like much when you think of the 400-500 employees we have nationwide, yet these were some highly skilled and long term partners and Home Office members. Part of this change was eliminating 2 districts and putting us from 18 to 16 and re-aligning them. So I picked up 10 stores from the Denver Market as they were all bottom 100 and our LT felt that I could effectively build them up. So for a month I have been doing just that. And boy has it been crazy but PRAISE God it appears that we would be about top 9 in the company in ranking for the month of Feb. So they came up a long ways in their performance. So I felt this was God's direction for me, a new challenge. I obeyed.

then Last week I was with my boss and got the call from his boss. Our DM in the DC/VA market resigned. This is the LAST PLACE district in the company and one of the highest volumes. The higher ups (Or CEO and the second in command) wanted me to take over this district as they felt I could effect change and training that would help our company.

So this past weekend and week has been a whirlwind of decision making, negotiations etc.. So all that to say...
Monday Mandy and I will take the kids to IN to the grandparents and then fly out Tuesday thru Thursday to the DC/VA market to decide if this is the best thing for our family. So as of now it is about 99.9% positive that we will be moving to VA after the baby is born...

so why you might ask... Well, after 3 years of being on the road 2 to 3 nights a week I would only be on the road over night a few times a month. As well, as a pay raise etc.. One great thing though is that I can be based out of Des Moines and Fly back and forth (out on Monday and back on Friday) until after the baby is born.

So that is where God's Dip has taken this dip... Right now I feel like God is directing EVERYTHING and I have no choice in the matter, yet you all know how easy it is to second guess your decisions. Leaving friends, church etc...

So please PRAY... Pray that the kids will do well for the Grandparents. That Mandy and I will LOVE the area out there. That Gavin will get over his "I don't want to move to a new house" phase. That the baby will come healthy and Mandy will not be too stressed with dealing with things here more by herself until after the baby.

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Jena said...

We will be praying for you guys consistently! Mandy will not be alone, we are here for you guys!!! We will be so sad to see you go, but know that God has a plan :)