Friday, September 12, 2008

Way behind

Okay, So I haven't blogged in a bit...
So much has been going on!
First if you read Mandy's blog you can see that we have been busy in our yard. So much fun! And it only took 3 years to finally do it!

Then the first of this week I had all of my store managers in town for a conference. Motivational speaking is fun! We all left energized and all the managers commented on the learning's etc... It is fun to train but it is better when people listen!
I have a great group of Managers. And when you are the #1 district in the company it makes for a great meeting as well!

Then The last day they were all here was the 9Th which is Mandy and my Anniversary. 8 years and counting! What can I say... she has put up with me this long.

Now today is Skylar's 2ND Birthday!! They are getting TOO big...

And then tomorrow we are having the youth over for a Fall Kick Off Party!!!
I am so glad to have some teens!!! BUT THEY ARE ALMOST ALL GIRLS!!! AHHH!!!
Oh well, so many people from church have come out of the woodwork asking about helping that we will have a large # of adult sponsors and be able to handle them all... And you know... Where the girls are the boys follow so we are gonna be in good shape!!

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