Friday, September 12, 2008

Fireproof The Movie! It will change your life!

This movie is a must see! We are currently in a series at church and this movie ties right in!
The premise is a couple who are ready to give up the marriage when the mans dad steps in and says "give it 40 days"... He then sends him a book called the "Love Dare". The book is a 40 day step to revitalizing his marriage. IE... one day it says just to do one thing nice for her. another was to not smart off when she says something mean...
The movie can be life changing for anyone who is in a relationship as well as the BOOK. They actually published this book.
Check it out! in Theaters 9.26

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ridge765 said...

We got a copy of the Love Dare book and we love it too! You can also find it at We also got a copy of a "Couple's Kit"--it's a study for couples to do together at home. The concepts taught are really important, and it has really strengthened our marriage. I found the kit online at Hope this helps. Grab your spouse or your date and go see it!