Saturday, September 13, 2008

Epic Youth Kick off Party

WOW!! What a fun night!!
We had 6 teen girls (YES GIRLS) at our house for the Epic Youth Fall Kick off party!
Got to know them a bit, play games etc...

To me the exciting thing is the potential!
Only 2 of these girls attend our church. All the others were friends they brought!
Now those girls are excited (I HOPE) to be apart of the youth as well as even attend the church!! All part of the outreach of our Church.
As well, there were a possible 4 more teens that are from the church that didn't make it tonight so we could grow even more!
With a great new curriculum that will help connect these teens with God, who He is, how to praise and get to know Him etc... It is a great start for both our church teens and those outside our church!
Please join me in prayer that these girls will stay connected with our group and either come to know Christ or grow a better relationship with Him!

So you wanna see what you get when you add Instant Mashed Potatoes and Teens?
So here is the premise:
Take 6 teen girls....

Add COLD INSTANT Mashed Potatoes with tiny bead letters in them:

And you have a great 'CLEAN' (NOT) game!!!

Some more fun than others!!! But they all had a blast!!

And there was an object... To find the letters to spell "Jordan Creek Youth" with 4 hearts!

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Sleep, what's that??? said...

What a mess!!! But fun!!! ;o)