Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What are you doing on Sept 26th 2008?

Let me tell you what I'll be doing....
I will be going to take my wife, and ANYONE else who wishes can go along to see Fireproof the Movie.

As some of you know I am currently broadcasting this blog from a hotel in Michigan.
I am here on a District Manager conference with work (Family Christian Stores).
You know I love the opportunities that my job affords me.
I work for a CEO who knows me by name, invests time in me etc... A man who has the knowledge and leadership that compares with others in the realm of business.
As well a company who judges success by LIVES TOUCHED through sales of Bibles etc..
We have had devotionals from some of the best Leaders in the industry such as Bill Boyd who use to work with Crown Ministries.

Then to cap today off we watched a preview of the movie I mentioned above Fireproof.
This is put out by the same church who did Facing the Giants. They have upped the stakes and done a BEAUTIFUL job!

I would recommend this movie to EVERYONE... If your marriage is good, bad or in between. If your single, dating or not...
This movie is a must see. God will use this to change lives.
Check out the above link to Fireproofs sight as well as their second site, fireproof my marriage.

And if you live in the West Des Moines, IA area please check out our Church's upcoming sermon series which ties right in. My Marriage is Dead.com

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Sleep, what's that??? said...

I just watched the trailer! SWEET, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Can NOT wait to go see it!! You are right, it looks like it will tie right in with the new sermon series coming up!!!