Friday, August 8, 2008

Silent is not always good....

So this Morning Mandy and I were sitting up stairs doing work.. The kids were playing PERFECTLY down stairs...
By that I mean, no screaming, no fighting. Didn't even know they were there..
Until the phone rang. Yes, the phone.
Skylar had hit the intercom on between the phones.
She was more than happy to talk to us over that phone.
So I went downstairs to get the phone from her and find them in the storage/Laundry room. And the Washer (A front mount) was on but stopped.
In side the washer was a LARGE bottle of Mandy's Craft Elmer's GLUE, 1 stone and a fair amount of water.
Evidently Gavin and Skylar were enjoying watching the glue bottle leak and swirl in the washer...
And her we thought they were being good.
Silent is not the same as GOOD!

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Sleep, what's that??? said...

Funny, I was thinking of posting this too...
What fun that was!! :OP