Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways!

Some of you might have just caught that the Title is the name of a Poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning...
So why am I placing it in my title?
For a very good reason!
Today, the 29th of July, is my precious wife's Birthday.
So I see everyone else post things and just list the lines of attributes and positives for that person.... so I guess I;ll do the same.. But where to start?

Her amazing love for God.
Her dedication to our family.
Her love for the children and I (Even when Gavin is climbing the Refrigerator)
Her love for others.
I could go on...
She is a dedicated mother, wife.
Loves to read! Loves to Cook new things! Puts up with my LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fascination.

So how do I love thee??
With purity and honesty!
With devotion and truth!
With all of my future and past!
I would be nothing without your help!
Always and Forever!
More than words can describe.

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Sleep, what's that??? said...

Thanks babe, love you too! :O)
Thanks for keep telling Kotah it was my b-day today!!! She and Gavin told me Happy Birthday as soon as they came upstairs!! :O)