Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So what is the difference...

This year seems to be alot of firsts...
The worst FLOODS in history (At least since the 90's)....
The worst Economy in years (At least since 2002)...
The biggest election in history (at least since the last election)...
The most world impacting Olympics in history (at least since the last time all of these records were broken 4 years ago... and since they only do the Olympics every 4 years... not that long ago...)

So what is the difference?
Why are so many people crazed about these things?
What has changed?

Access to information on the intranet? On TV?
Media Coverage? Who knows... but makes you think...

I talked with some people this week who didn't understand why I had not watched any of the Olympics and wasn't jumping up and down that a swimmer one a gold metel.

Well, there are a couple of reasons.
#1) We don't have TV at home. Now don't get me wrong. We have A TV. But it is in our basement thus we do not get any channels. We canceled our DirecTV and have not looked back. Now we do watch a lot of Movies... Too many movies actually. So I am not about to say get rid of your TV etc... How on earth would we give ourselves any SANITY with the kids but throwing them in front of the TV once and a while with a good movie.. (Check out Clearplay at FCS.. It filters out what you choose... bad language, sexuality, action etc... from many films.)

#2) I use to have a dream as a young child. I was going to do something to where my name would be remembered for the rest of my life. Discover a lost world. Solve the Lost City of Atlantis puzzle etc... I was big in watching sporting events etc... I was afraid to miss out on a world impacting event. Just in case a world altering event happened I wanted to be READY so I could 50 years later say I remember where I was when I learned that.... Or when I saw that...
I spent many years studing so World Religions (I could tell you so many things about The Masonic Lodge, Latter Day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses as well as many other religions. And could tell you church history, denominational foundings, splits etc...) I wanted to write a book on something. To be called an EXPERT on something. Why? Not for any other person's Glory than my own. Then I found a verse that said that 'Only that which is done for Christ will last...'

so how does that tie in?

Who can tell me how many World Records were broken in the 2004 Olympics? 31!!

So what is the difference? Why can a company take an item and make it so SELLABLE? MARKETABLE?
As someone in retail let me tell you MARKETING is EVERYTHING!! China has Marketed the Olympics so well... They must have took lessons from Apple who has a product that is SO in demand. Why? Cause it's cheap in our economic Crisis? no..

As well a side note, as Americans we are saying they are spending less due to the economy... So then why has the Dark Night in 4 weeks taken over #3 in the ALL TIME HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIES! Why has the Iphone recieved lines that wrap around a mall?
It is all in the Marketing. Selling someone not on something they NEED, but on something they CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!!!

So what is your addiction? Ipod, Iphone, Olympics??
If you start thinking down on someone who doesn't like the above 3 or doesn't own one or watch it.... then it has become your IDOL.

Just my thoughts!