Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back2Back Homes

In my previous post I mentioned that I was working on the roof of a building and the Clinic. I wanted to explain briefly what these are and how they are being used.

As in many contries at a certain age the children are released from the homes to relatives who may only want them now for forced labor, prostitution etc... The homes that are being built on the property are sancuaries to save these kids. They are given a choice to live with a family in these homes. If they do they will be able to work towards earning a High School Education and a College Education all free. There are numerous homes that are working currently.

Finally The clinic is a facility that will be used to give preventative treatments to children from the different childrens homes as many of them only see a Docter or a Dentist if there is an issue. This clinic will be able to ensure they have normal shots needed to keep them from the measels etc...

I can't talk about these homes without talking about Rodo. Rodo was the first graduate from these homes. He grew up in Casa Hogar Douglas and now thanks to Back2Back knows 5 languages and could get a job anywhere. But he choose to work for at least 1 year with Back2Back helping others like him!
THAT IS GOD'S PLAN!! No one elses.

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