Saturday, April 12, 2008

Final Day Back2Back

There is no way to explain the last day to you. We worked some more in a new home where we were the first group to go to. Imperial De Amor. The man who runs this home used to help at Casa Hogar Douglas and had been around when Rodo lived in that home. He has a large plot of property that he built a home on for his family. He says the whole time he was building it he kept wondering why he was building it so large. Finally when it was completed God told him it was to be a home for kids. The goal for this home is over 100 kids. Right now they are at about 30.

We built some shelves in a room for the girls. Later after we finished, one of our ladies was with a group of young girls who walked in, and on seeing the shelves were jumping with excitement. OVER SHELVES!! Yet they were so grateful!

As well, earlier when we toured the site Rodo told us they had a need for chairs and tables in the kitchen as they only had 4 chairs and 2 tables. The kids all ate sitting on the floor. So we went to Sam's Club (yes they have those) and bought more tables and chairs then were needed. The kids again were so excited when they saw them. They sat down and didn't want to move. As well, they sang for us to thank us. If I can I'll get those photos up here.

We then took them to the zoo where I connected with Alejandro and Louis and spent the afternoon working on my Spanish for the animals. I am proud to say I only heard 'Loco Gringos' 1 time! I was improving. These kids were so excited to see us. It was hard to leave them, but I pray that the deposit made today will carry over in their lives for years to come.

As you have read these posts I pray for you:
I pray that God will touch you with the urgency to the need in orphan work today. Whether it be in Mexico, China or anywhere else.
I pray that you would pray for these ministries like the James Fund or Back2Back.
I pray you would consider financial support.
These kids need your deposits of time, love, prayer and support!
Remember these kids I talked about by name. Pray that God will show them the ultimate plan he has for them. Pray that they will be receptive to his will!
Thanks for sharing this experience with me!

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