Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back2Back April 9th

April 10th 2008

What a day yesterday. We worked here putting some cement blocks to the 2nd story roof. Of course, my not being afraid of heights or shaky scaffolding put me on the top lifting the pile up over my head. So needless to say my Back muscles are tight.

We then went to the Clinic building to put the thermal or a sealant on the roof. So there my neck got fried. But it was worth it. What do you expect? No sunblock can work on 110 degree direct sun.

Then after that we went to Rio 3. The rio’s are small squatters villages. The condidions are bad. Trash is everywhere. The kids are hungry etc… We walked through the lanes inviting people to the church... How crazy we must have looked. Some of these people have never seen an Americana before and we were knocking on their doors trying to talk to them in spanish...

But we feed the mothers and kids and I even played soccer with 2 boys whose father eventually came over and played some as well. That is huge. The men are very proud and when they are forced to live in these condiditions they do not like help. It is painful as hey feel as they are failures. Then in the evening we had a worship service with the other 3 groups on the campus at Back2Back. It was outstanding.

Today is going to be our final day and my heart is saddened. This has not been a mountaintop experience. Just a normal God one. I will not come down from this, I will continue this feeling of home or belonging to the cause.

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