Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back2Back day 3

April 9th, 2008

Another morning, another sunrise.
Why is it that here I am an early riser? Yet at home I hate to get up? Why does my USA body need 8 hours of sleep when my exhausted Mexico body only needs 6 hours or less?

I am amazed every time I watch the sunrise. At first, there is nothing to see except a paling dark sky in front of me. Then suddenly what looked like dark sky becomes the faint out line of a range of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Then after a while of watching and anticipating they come completely into view.

One could stop there thinking that was the end and just stop looking. But it is not. What seemed like a large row of Mountains suddenly is dwarfed by a huge range with sheer rock cliffs that shine like Bronze in the sun light. Yet some don’t wait to see them.

Is that like God’s plan for us? We pray and pray for guidance and then we start to see a peak and we lung after it. “I knew that was God’s will…” we say. And after some failure we see it wasn’t right after all. So we pray some more and then God reveals the entire ridge and we jump. Yet again we fail as it wasn’t the entire plan. Very few of us finally get to see the final ‘story’ God has. Very few of us can ‘wait patiently on the Lord’ to reveal the entire mountain scheme, both small and large. And they miss out on Blessing that is beyond their wildest dreams.

On a more personal note: Here is my Mountain View I am watching… I went to China and fell in Love with the country and mainly the orphans. We even looked into Chinese Missions and applied. Yet that was just an outline to God’s final plan.

Then Last Year I came to Back2Back where I felt at home and again fell in Love with the Children. But that was still just the first ridge. I am waiting for God to reveal the mountains behind. The final plan. Is it that one day we may be coming back to Mexico with Back2Back to work? Only He knows, and I trust his hand of guidance and His timing.

Until then I resolve to: 1) Get out of debt in order to serve Him with my finances as well. 2) Bring my wife back down here 3) bring my church or other churches back here to share in the ministry 4) Help with whatever God wants…

Lord I trust and wait patiently on you. He who can remove any obstacle to us doing His will in a second. Yet who knows the timing of our hearts and when we are truly ready for it.

I praise you God, my Guide, my Provider, my Shelter, my Source, my Redeemer, My Father.
To You be all the Glory and all Honor and all Power.

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