Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back2Back day 2

April 8th 2008

Today was another amazing day. We went to Rayitos de Luz (little Rays of lights) Yet the story didn’t start there.

Meme (another amazing story in herself) knew this couple from the Rio (a squatters village). She and her husband had taken the sleigh and horses to the store to get some items one Sunday afternoon. She saw this couple down in that area and felt God telling her to go speak to them. But it was her only day off… So she didn’t. After a little while at home she still felt God tugging at her to go back so she finally told her husband to hitch the horse back up so they could return.

When she returned she asked them what she could be praying for them for? The couple replied that they could not have children of their own and had felt God tell them they needed to start a children’s home. Thus they did and had 5 children at the time. They asked for prayer and help with the financials. Meme, who works with Back2Back was exstatic. She told them that she couldn’t help but knew some who could and put Back2 Back in touch with them. They now have 16-20 kids in their home. Yet their home is a 20’ x 30’ home with only 2 bedrooms. Many of these kids sleep 4 to a bed. Yet God has provided. We, at the James Fund, recently raised over $100,000 to give them to purchase land, with a yard a pool and a beautiful home that they are working on in order to relocate to this fall! All in God’s time.

So we did some work at this home. I helped to clean out a fridge and the kitchen. Then we took the kids to a local ball court to be able to ride their bikes. On the way there, one of our guys noted that night, a child was riding the bike with training wheels. Yet the training wheels were not tight and thus were turning and as well he wouldn’t stay on the pavement. Glenn thought that this was so true of our own walks with Christ. He supplies us with so much to help us, yet we don’t want to stay on the sidewalk with God’s plan but go our own way which is more difficult and full of more pain.

Juan, Sondra, Jonathan, Amy, Fanny, Brandon and so many other children we took to a real park. The smiles on their faces were spectacular as we ran and played all around the yard and on the swing sets. The joy those kids gave was more than we could give them. Imagine this: These kids played in the park for 4 hours in over 100 degree heat and NEVER complained. I don’t even think my own kids would have played for more than 45 min’s without complaining for a drink etc…

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