Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mexico Here I come

Well, for those of you who don't know, the James Fund is a not for profit organization that Family Christian Stores has.
The purpose of the James fund is the James 1:27 verse to look after the orphans and widows.
One of the ways is that we help support a group in Mexico called Back2Back. They work back to back with local orphanages in Monterrey, Mexico.
We send trips down there almost monthly to help in various forms: We have built homes, medical centers, played with children, laid concrete, built homes, played with children.... etc.. It is a great ministry.
I have gone before and even once to China to take a family over that we helped adopt (another way the James fund effects lives).
I will be going again in April and am in need of donations.
My trip is fully funded so not those type of donations.
We need things to take down:
Kids toys, clothing used or new (the used will be taken to another ministry with the squatters village), Blankets, Bedding supplies (sheets etc..)Bubbles, Spanish language items books, baseball cards etc...
Underwear, socks, stickers, jewelry etc...
These children do not have much and anything they get is a blessing.
The smaller items are best as I have to be able to get it on the Airplane.
As well, money is always acceptable as we can give it to them to use as they need such as one district was able to purchase a freezer unit so that they could keep food for longer periods than in just the one fridge that they had in the home (there are 8 homes that we work with as well as the Back to back home for the teens).
I would love to tell you so much more about what James fund and Back2Back does.
I look forward to answering your questions and the help that I am sure will overflow.
Just so you know, if I get more than I can take we still have other ways to get it there. Shipping is too costly so each trip we have a handful of folks from our HO who go and thus they take these items with them as well as sending them to Back2Back's home office in Ohio for them to deliver as well...
Finally please pray for me as I prepare to go down there... It is always a touching time as both Mandy and I have a passion for Orphans and adoption and she always wants me to bring them home...
It is sad when you see these kids that if Love were food, they'd be starved. One home I had a infant who at the time was similar in age to Skylar who wouldn't stop crying. We are told not to pick up the babies as these homes do not have enough help to be able to hold them thus if we hold them they become accustom to is and want to be held continually. That is heart breaking...
All you can do is sit there and say "Sonrisa..."

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