Saturday, March 1, 2008

Looking Up

Mandy told me this story about what was said by Gavin during the Walk and Talk at the mall.
They were walking past the Apple store and Gavin said, "Mice. Look Mom, Mice.."
Mandy of course had no clue what he was looking at.
So the next time they walked past he said it again, "Look Mom, Mice.."
So Mandy stopped and asked him where he saw it... He kept pointing and she still didn't see.
Finally she knelt down and looked up. Here at the top of the signs were some very small movie clips and one was the mice from 'Rataouli'...
It wasn't until she knelt down and looked up that she saw this.

Isn't that what we are told in the scripture over and over...
I am going through the OT right now in the Bible Experience and over and over we see where Isreal forgot to look up. they were punished and when they finally looked up and called on God for help, He gave them a stay of execution.
It is the same way in my life and I am sure in yours.
We too quickly forget to take the time and knell and look up so that we can see more of the picture that we are suppose to see.

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