Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daniel Fast

So, at church we are starting the Daniel Fast. 21 days of dedication to God and spiritual growth. It is sort of tough for me to do something like this. First off, I have never fasted in my life, except for my usual busy work attitude of not eating breakfast and lunch some days then spluging at supper... By secondly as I am on the road for a living it is so hard to eat healthy let along anything relating to the fast.
Yet, I am going to do it by the grace of God. I think though the area that I am already praying hard for is the Caffine...
Many of you who know me have said "you came out of your momma drinking Pepsi..." my usual is about 3 cans a day at home and a litter or more while on the road.
When I am on the road I have to be sharp as this is my one time in a month to get in and help to train and motivate my store managers...
So pray for me as I will be praying for all of you who are doing this with us!
God will give us his GLORY STRENGTH!!

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