Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daniel Fast Woes

Alright, so here is my confession....
Sunday Evening I came down with Strep and have been battling that ever since.
So I had to break, somewhat, the Daniel Fast after 2 weeks of being good.
Well, alright so Saturday for Gavin's 3rd B-day we cheated and had Taco's and Cake.
But besides that we had been really good!
Yet, even though I am eating things like Tomato Soup and Chicken Noddle Soup etc...
I still have not done Red Meats or Pepsi...
That is huge.
I generally drink at LEAST a liter of Pepsi a day when I am on the road.
You read it right, a LITER + another 20 oz or more.
Now when I am home it is only about 3 cans. But still.
I went cold turkey and have yet to have one Pepsi!
I am really proud of that.
Yet, I do feel like the Alchoholic who is saying "I am 17 days decaffinated..."
But hey, we will try to keep it that way and then start with keeping it to only maybe 1 a day! That is better for me anyways.

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Jena said...

WOW! That is really great that you were able to give up the Pepsi! That would be very difficult!!!