Friday, March 7, 2008

Suggested Donations for Mexico

So if anyone is wishing here are some items that we are asking for in donations: Ages Baby through Teens:
1) Diapers - all sizes
2) New Children's clothing (both sexes) - blouses, t-shirt's, pants,Knee length shorts, pajamas, swimming suits (All modest)
NOTE:Not much clothing for boys aged 12 - 15 gets donated Please ensure all sales tags are removed.
3) Unerware both sexes Shoes (not many kids shoes get donated)
4) Socks - white and dark - all sizes
5) Personal care - shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, chap stick, combs, brushes and hair items
6) School Supplies - notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, glue sticks, scotch tape, erasers, paper clips, file folders, solar powered calculaters, and backpacks.
7) Medicine for colds, headaches, sore throats
8)First Aid- band-aids, ointments etc..
9)Heavy Duty Puzzles

Here are some items that were a huge HIT on other trips:
1) Sunglasses - a big hit!!
2) Spanish language books, and Baseball cards
3) Crayons and coloring books (in spanish even better)
4) Paddle Balls
5) Bubbles! Another BIG hit! Especially big wands etc..
6) Jump Ropes
7) Soccer balls, Footballs, etc.. (BIG HIT)
8) Jewelry for kids - Rubber braclets and pretty rungs for the girls is a BIG HIT
9) Arts and Craft items: something that the kids can create with
10) Yarn to braid into bracelets. Older teen girls enjoy this!
11) Small rubber balls, bouncy, light up etc.. big hit.
12) small toy trucks/cars (matchbox size) etc...

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I'd rather be caving! said...

Some updates to what is needed:

Regular size shampoo bottles
NEW items for birthday gifts for OLDER kids (12-19 years)
Boys – hats, NEW shirts, team jerseys, playing cards, clothes, watches. I need some things for boys in the age range of 8-10. Also, no electronics please!
Girls – jewelry, hair things (brushes, hair ties, headbands, bobby pins), journals, pens, purses, NEW clothes, etc.
Lego’s, matchbox cars, new or used bubbles
New swimsuits – from toddlers on to 16 years old.
One piece for girls
We have pool parties in the summer with up to 100 children, so there is no limit to how many the children need.

As of: March 24, 2008

“Always Needed”:

Pre-natal vitamins
Daily vitamins/ any kind of vitamin
Baby Formula
Lice Shampoo
Feminine pads
Regular shampoo