Monday, October 29, 2007

Henry V

I saw an old classic film, "Henry V".
This is an award winning film about King Henry V of England and his war with France.
What I took from this film was pretty cool.
It is like a historical retelling of Gideon.
King Henry was a godly king. He truly believed in leading with honesty and morality.
He took his army against the French. By the time his army made it to France they were sickly and bedraggled.
Yet due to his trust in God, he won.
6,000 men fought 30,000 French and won.
There are 2 scenes that stand out:
1) He is giving a war rally cry to get his men around the fact that they are out numbered yet that God was on their side.
2) He gives a speech in regards to how many died.
For those who have never read the book Henry V by William Shakespeare, on that day 10,000 were killed in the French ranks, and only about 250 are reported dead in the history books from the English side.

But where the best comes in is that second video. King Henry says that God doom the person who brags or takes credit for their victory. That they should tell everyone that GOD gave them this victory!
Awesome movie (Even if it is in old English).
Rent it, Buy it... Watch it!

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