Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hello.... am I still with me?

Well, lots of things going on.... back from vacation and reluctantly back to work...
Grandma had her first set of Chemo therapy. She really had been having alot of pain before this and it hasn't stopped. In fact Thursday night after her chemo she had gotten up to use the restroom and fell. My aunt was staying with her but couldn't get her up and had to call 911.
But yet she still plans on working at the Hospital and coming to family get-togethers ...
She's stubborn.

So here I am sitting thinking of that and trying to give it all to God.
Part of me, the human part, wants to ask where is God.
Yet the part of me that is driven by faith understands that God is in all of it.
I am reading a book by Randy Alcorn, it's his latest fiction work.
The main character is being continually challenged by his 2 Christian friends to listen and believe. He asks them that exact question. The response was perfect. 'What are your favorite movies?' 'What are your favorite Characters'.
They go on to point out how each character has a virtue, Goodness, courage, long suffering etc... But without evil there can be no good. With out fear there can be no courage. With out despair there can be no long suffering.
so without Cancer there can be no..... I don't know what yet.. But I will someday.
And when I get to Heaven, the most glorious thing will be that I won't have to ask. Jesus is waiting there like a child who just can't wait to tell me all these things.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come.

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